The Psychic Princess (postscript)

So the Princess finally opened the angel school about a month ago. The teaching began in August, but without a location for the school! So I can’t go there to tell you what it’s like.

The address for the school (for now) is apparently the Princess’ home address in Lommedalen. There has been this announcement on the Astarte Education website (my translation):
“We at Astarte Education know that there is a location for the course that awaits us. It just hasn’t found us yet. If you know about a place for sale, preferably an apartment that is regulated for business activity with a big room that can fit 30 people and 3 small rooms that can be used for individual treatment sessions, that has a little kitchen, wooden floor, preferably with a fireplace, a lot of light and a nice backyard, situated in central Oslo, we are interested.”
(Picture: a close-up of the newspaper Morgenbladet, with the staples coming out, pulling apart Märtha Louise’s earthly form).
Part 1.
Part 2.

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