Irish Prime Minister Bertie Stalked by Hairy Students

Hirsute stalkers are driving the Taoiseach spare!

God, I love living in a democracy!
I really do! I do! I really do!

Ciao, Ceaucescu! Ciao, Ceaucescu! Ciao, Ceaucescu!
– Blues for Ceaucescu by The Fatima Mansions

Taoiseach Bertie humourless (Irish Prime Minister) says that hairy student types ‘who haven’t seen the inside of a college for 20 years’ are following his every move!
Bertie can’t go near a campus without getting mobbed by the hairies. Yesterday in the Dail (parliament) he revealed his consternation about the furry gang. And he reckons they’re in the employ of Socialist Party TD (member of parliament) Joe Higgins too.
Bertie reckons that Joe H has ‘hordes of students at his beck and call to be dispatched to any university anywhere, anytime’.
This was on the back of a occurrence earlier this week, when Justice Minister Michael McDowell was heckled by students at UCD. Joe H said that he had heard that some students had pulled at the minister’s coat. “This may have been a misunderstanding,” said Joe H. “They may have been trying merely to touch the hem of the great man’s garment.”
Labour Leader Pat Rabbitte said that he was glad to see Mr McDowell had been “ferried home safely from UCD to his family in Ranelagh in the back of a Garda (police) van”.
God, I love this feckin’ country and its democrazy
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