Internet Curios: How Meta Tags are the new flea markets

Surprising what you find in some peoples meta tags …

META NAME=”keywords” CONTENT=”air, sickness, bag, bags, Barf, poster, gift, sickbag, sickbags, Emesis Bags, Motion Sickness, Puke, Airline Sickbags, Sea Sickness, Seasick, Vomit Bags, Pop Culture, unusual, weird, odd, strange, bizarre, fun, stupid, regurgitation, regurgitate, throw up, aviation, flight, airsick, airsickness, airsicknessbag, airsicknessbags, buy, around, world, idea, museum, exhibit, sick, bored, christmas”>
Okay, we’ll forget about the christmas reference and move on. The main man and Sickbag Museum Curator, Steven J. Silberberg suggests that sickbags are art, and then goes on to say tell us that “Ironically, 1. I’ve never been outside of North America and 2. I’m single”. Shocker there Stevo!
Never one to be deterred though, our Stevo has instead devoted his life to helping other people discover his romance secrets, in his Tiny Book of Romance.
Book description from Amazon or Amazon UK
Have you ever had any of these romantic dates?
-> Having pizza delivered to a tree
-> A candlelight dinner in the post office
-> Getting TV coverage when “kissing for food” on a street corner
-> Dinner and dancing to Johnny Mathis in an Airport tram
These are a few of the dates I’ve had that are described in my book, Steve’s Tiny Book of Romance. The Book is all about how to be romantic, covers all stages of romance, and answers the following questions:
1. When are flowers not romantic?
2. When is it romantic to handcuff your date in public?
3. Why should you never kiss her on the first date?
4. How can you make your date melt simply by nuking her a TV dinner?
5. How do you find a date on the bus?
6. How can you transform baby sitting into a romantic date?
7. What one lost item of hers is always worth looking for?
8. What’s romantic about showing up to a date all sweaty?
9. What one item should you have for her when she gets off a plane?
10. What can you learn from Spiderman about romance?
11. What’s the worst thing your date can do at an ATM?
12. Why is Robert DeNiro the pinnacle of manhood?
13. How did a Laundromat change my life?

If all that didn’t turn you off maybe this will! Steveo’s full site is here.