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“One measures a circle beginning anywhere” – Charles Fort

Charles Fort was a painstakingly erudite dissector of scientific texts
and a ravenous predator of scientific dogma, who scrutinized how
scientists formed their theories according to their own personal
views, rather than the weight of evidence available. Fort gleefully
trawled through the data that was suppressed, discarded or explained
away in a less than satisfactory manner. He referred to this this data
as ‘damned’…

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Complete Books of Charles Fort

The Complete Books of Charles Fort (

The Complete Books of Charles Fort (Powell’s Books – new or

The Book of the Damned
Book of the Damned

The Book of the Damned (

The Book of the Damned (


Lo! (

Wild Talents

Wild Talents (

Charles Fort online:
Charles Fort Institute
Mr. X, Consulting Resologist ‘Mr. X has a great interest in the life and works of the author Charles Hoy Fort’.
INFO International Fortean Organization
The Quotable Fort Selected Quotes From the Collected Works of Charles Fort

Hypertext Editions of Charles Fort’s Books:
The Book of the Damned
New Lands
Wild Talents
Many Parts (an autobiography)
The Outcast Manufacturers (a novel and its serial edition)
Short Stories by Fort

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