2 Great books by Oliver St John Gogarty

Classic Irish stuff… Yeats as a ghostbuster… Buck Mulligan and Kinch… yes, it’s Gogarty’s As I was Going Down Sackville Street and Tumbling in the Hay as reviewed by Daev.

As I was Going Down Sackville St.

As I was Going Down Sackville St. (Amazon.com)

As I was Going Down Sackville St. (Amazon.co.uk)

A dazzling, poignant and often hilarious portrait of Dublin in particular, and Ireland in general, of the 1920s. Joyceans will recognise Gogarty – poet, politician, pilot, patriot, surgeon, novelist and wit – has having taken the dubious role of ‘Buck Mulligan’ in *Ulysses*. One of our favourite quotes can be found in this book:
‘A country without village idiots is not worth living in.
Without them there is no way of knowing who are sane.’

Also look out for Chapter 13, in which W.B. Yeats goes ghosthunting in Gogarty’s house!

Tumbling in the Hay

Tumbling in the Hay (Amazon.com)

Tumbling in the Hay (Amazon.co.uk)

Gogarty’s ribald tales of medical student life in early 20th century Dublin, where a thirsty student would pawn his uncle’s cuff-links for a pint. Also included Gogarty’s version of the Holles St. hospital party, where Joyce placed his *Oxen of the Sun* scene from Ulysses…and here, Joyce appears as ‘Kinch’…

– reviews by Daev

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