Dublin Fortean Society Meetup: June 2004

Booze and weirdness, Monday June 14th, 2004!

Update May 6th
Dublin Fortean Society Meeting #3 – Monday June 14th, 2004, in the Lord Edward Pub, across from Christchurch Cathedral…
On April 3rd, 11 of us had a madcap dash around Co. Meath, visiting Newgrange, and other sites. On April 5th, fourteen forteans went-a-drinking in the Lord Eddy. That’s an increase of almost 300% on the five we had last time. At this rate of increase, we should have around 91,854 attendees by the December meeting.
We had a special guest, the honourable and erudite Gordon Rutter, of the Edinburgh Fortean society…
The Very First Dublin Fortean Society Meeting will take place on March 1st 2004, upstairs in the Lord Edward Pub, across from Christchurch Cathedral. The upstairs/side entrance is beside Burdock’s on Werburgh Street. If anyone’s lost, they can phone me on 087 2207023. Hot ports and Beamish all round!
Anyone interested? Join the Dublin Fortean Society Mailing List, or check out the Dublin Fortean Society message board.
Note: No word from Julian Cope yet (see comments below).
From ro_G:
Other things March the 1st is good for is the manufacture and display of Baba Marta, the secret amulet of Bulgaria:
Quote: “If you are walking along the streets in Bulgaria on the 1st of March you will witness many smiling faces. But first of all your eyes will be captured by martenitsas. Everyone has decorated their clothes with them. Moreover, you can see decorated dogs and cats. In the small villages in the mountains people decorate their domestic animals: lambs, kids, young horses.”
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Posted on Feb 17th 2004:
I came across a posting on the Fortean Times Messageboard, which suggested the inauguration of a Dublin Fortean Society. Another Dub, Emily Doherty, had already suggested it on the Forteana list, while Edinburgh-based Gordon Rutter has promised a visit. Now if we can get a few names together, we can organise once-monthly meetings upstairs in the Lord Edward, across from Christchurch Cathedral.

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