Christ and thieves on real crosses


Spectacular scourging and blood special effects

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THE group behind a Passion play to be performed in Ballylinan, Co Laois, has insisted that it is not trying to attract sensation in promising in its flyers “spectacular scourging and blood special effects”, “real rain at Calvary”, and “Christ and thieves on real crosses”.
The play will run in the village hall in Ballylinan from March 18 until Good Friday and boasts a “cast of 136” and a “production team of 40”.
It is also promising a “very realistic Resurrection scene”, and “excellent sound and music”.
The play’s promoter, Ms Anna Marie McHugh, insisted that the purpose of the flyer wasn’t to “sensationalise”. She said that the scourging scene “won’t be at all as bad as in the movie ‘The Passion’, and that “it won’t be getting into extreme gore”.
“There will be a bit of blood dripping down Christ’s chest and from the Crown of Thorns,” she explained.
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