There was a huge lobster from nantucket


Gather round me hearties, as I tell the dark and ironic tale of Bubba the 22 pound lobster…

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Bubba was no ordinary lobster, for one thing he weighed 22 pounds and he may have been a hundred years old. Abducted from his native waters off Nantucket, Massachusetts, he was transported to a Pittsburgh fish market, were he was held for a week, on ice.
Eventually Bob Wholey, the fish market owner, bowed to pressure from P.E.T.A. and agreed to send him to an aquarium at a Ripley’s Believe It or Not museum. In the meantime, Bubba was transported to the Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium, to under go medical examination to see if he was fit for the journey. It was here fate played out her final twist as Bubba passed away, never realising his dream of being a star attraction for Ripley’s Believe It or Not.

Bubba is saved from the fish market

Bubba death is reported on CNN

Lobster expert, Trevor Corson follows the saga on his blog

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