Life is a boar in Leitrim


Three little pigs have been seen wandering around Leitrim. No sign of the big bad wolf yet. But it would be nice to see some more native animals accidentally reintroduced:
Three wild boars, the ancestor of the domesticated pig, were spotted in Keshcarrigan last week by a few locals.

The wild boars that have a unique apperance with stiff brown/black fur, straight tails and tusks either side of the mouth on male boars were photographed and recorded when they approached Stuart Davies’ house on August 4 at Proughlish, Keshcarrigan at around 1pm.
Mr Davies, who heard rustling outside, was surprised to see three wild boars in his back garden going through his rubbish, old potato skins, bread and other thrown out vegetables.
“We heard that someone had brought boars over to Leitrim a few years ago to breed them and to sell their meat on. But three piglets escaped, they didn’t think they would survive but here they are now wandering around the county,” said Mr Davies.
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