Call for Ban on Bottom Trawling

“Conservation groups are calling for a UN moratorium on the fishing practice known as bottom trawling.” The BBC says so…

Ships trail heavy nets across the ocean floor, catching fish but destroying coral and other organisms.
Bottom trawling accounts for a tiny fraction of the global fish catch, which conservationists say is out of proportion to the damage it causes.
Fisheries negotiations begin Wednesday at the UN in New York, and will continue to the end of November.

From BBC (check out the nifty diagram!) »
Interestingly, the picture gallery in the above report contains two photographs by Malcom Pullman, taken in the Tasman Sea this year. I was there, believe it or not, on board the Greenpeace ship Rainbow Warrior. Read my article on our catching, red-handed, a New Zealand Trawler pulling up a massive piece of coral »

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