Centaurs Existed. Proven!

Archeologists have discovered rock paintings depicting strange creatures and called them teriantrops, hybrids of humans and animals. Researchers believe that ancient artists made the painting from life.
Paul Takon from the Australian Museum in Sydney and anthropologist Christopher Chippendale from the University of Cambridge say that such hybrids, including centaurs, were highly likely living side by side with primitives. In Australia and South Africa, the researchers discovered dozens of rock paintings showing animals with human heads and humans with animal heads that may be over 32 thousand years old.

Jesus christ you gotta love Pravda. It’s so bonkers these days.
Here’s my favourite bit:
Alexander Guryev says that researchers have no whole centaur skeletons but lots of upper and lower parts of centaurs skeletons.
Centaurs appeared after copulation between humans and animals
In case you’re feeling vague, here’s the definition of a centaur:
In Greek mythology, the centaurs… are a race part human and part horse, with a horse’s body and a human head and torso.
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Other quotes of note:
Historical sources reveal that buggery was very popular among ancient Greeks and Romans. A legend says that Greek scholar Thales recommended his master Periandr not to engage unmarried shepherds not to produce more centaurs. Roman satirist Juvenalis wrote that “Roman women often exposed their naked buttocks to tempt donkeys into sex contacts.” In Egypt, these contacts were part of the fertility cult ceremony.

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