Rocket Racing


Hey Kids, don’t worry about global warming ! Sure the planet will be trashed and all the land will be sunk beneath the sea, but we won’t care. We’ll all be far too busy flying round the place on our super cool new ROCKET CARS !

A new racing league which will see rocket-powered planes blasting around virtual racetracks in the sky was announced on Monday. It is also hoped that computer gamers at home will be able to pit their skills against the pilots in real time.
The space-age Formula One vehicles will be based on a rocketplane designed and demonstrated by California-based XCOR Aerospace, called the EZ Rocket. The first race is scheduled for a year from now in New Mexico.
Giant screens will display the views from cameras mounted on the rockets, with computer-generated outlines showing the virtual racecourse. The pilots will see these lines through heads-up display units. Television rights for the races are still being negotiated, as is corporate sponsorship.
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