The Yellow River Source

“It’s better to be a dog in a peaceful time that be a man in a chaotic period.”
– Chinese proverb.
“May you live in Interesting times” – John F. Kennedy, under the impression he was being profound and referential.
Climate change – whether you believe in the extent of human-caused climate change or not, it’s hard to disregard the evidence: our planet lives in turbulent times.

Scientists say a catalogue of environmental damage linked to climate change is pushing [China’s] Yellow River source region into an ecological breakdown, in a new survey commissioned by Greenpeace.
The study ‘Yellow River at Risk’, written by an Institute within the Chinese Academy of Sciences describes a chain reaction of environmental impacts, driven by increased temperatures on the Tibetan Plateau, which threaten the source of the Yellow River (1). It concludes that the widespread environmental decline is ultimately destroying the river basin’s water holding capacity, drying out the region and cutting off the lifeblood of the river.

Yellow River at risk (press release)
Visit the website: Climate Change on The Yellow River, China »

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