Cut in greenhouse gases futile, according some researchers

The Guardian: Global warming is doubling the rate of sea level rise around the world, but attempts to stop it by cutting back on greenhouse gas emissions are likely to be futile, leading researchers will warn today.
The oceans will rise nearly half a metre by the end of the century, forcing coastlines back by hundreds of metres, the researchers claim. Scientists believe the acceleration is caused mainly by the surge in greenhouse gas emissions produced by the development of industry and introduction of fossil fuel burning.

“The main thing that has happened since the 19th century and the beginning of the modern observation has been the widespread increase in fossil fuel use and more greenhouse gases,” said Professor Kenneth Miller, who led the study. “We can say the increase we’re seeing is much higher than we’ve seen in the immediate past and it is due to humans.”
Are we pissing in the wind? Does this give us an excuse to keep on driving our petrol-guzzling-drop-the-3.4-kids-to-school-SUV and fuck the future generations? I don’t think so.
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