Eagle Owl Spotted in Northern Ireland. Or Maybe Not

The eagle owl deals ruthlessly with rivals and its prey It is the world’s biggest owl – a powerful hunter with a two-metre wingspan. Thought extinct for more than 100 years, the eagle owl is now reappearing in parts of the UK and one may not be that far away from where you are.

maybe not.

It has been re-establishing nesting sites in Yorkshire, and there have even been sightings in Northern Ireland of the predatory bird which rules the skies, dealing ruthlessly with rivals and its prey.
Yet for all its power and aggression, the eagle owl is a secretive bird, adopting a low profile.
Owl expert Don Scott said one was spotted in County Antrim a few years ago.
Owl expert Don Scott admitted they could be dangerous “I remember speaking to a chap from the Forestry and it flew at him one morning in Woodburn Forest in Carrickfergus,” he said.

Is this news? That someone saw an eagle sometime? Bizarre.
Giant predatory owl spotted in Northern Ireland »I

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