Sex crazed ghost finally banished after 16 years


A 34 year old man in Malaysia has asked a medium to help get rid of ghost that has haunted him for the last 16 years. The man complained that every night the female ghost would come to his room and demand sex….
And the problem is …?

The 34-year old man, known only as Kelvin, said that the nightmare started when he was only 18.
“Bad luck had followed me ever since,” he was quoted as saying by the Mandarin-language China Press national daily.
“I couldn’t get married although I had five girlfriends, and I have been fired from my job 10 times because I could not get enough sleep and was too tired to concentrate on my work,” he said.
The medium from whom he sought help said the woman had committed suicide from a failed relationship 30 years ago. To banish the sex-hungry ghost, a netherworld wedding was held and three paper dolls – representing a groom, a driver and a maid – were burnt to keep the ghost company.
I think poor Kelvin may discover that wives aren’t as easy to banish as ghosts !
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