Alphabet Thief in Killarney!

“Gardai [Irish police] are hunting an ‘alphabet’ thief believed to be behind a spate of bizarre thefts of letters from overhead shop signs. More than a dozen premises on Killarney, Co Kerry, main streets have been left without key pieces of lettering as a result of the robberies.”

“Letter theft has been going on in Kerry towns for three years, but had quietened down in recent months.
However, a frenzy of letter stealing broke out again during Christmas merriment in the town centre, leaving one newly-opened restaurant without key letters.
Opened only a month ago, the restaurant Chapter 40 in New Street now reads ‘hapter orty’.”
Ersonally, I’m peechless. Is soiety finall crmblin?
The Irish Independent: Alphabet thief will face jail for a spell, say gardai » (requires free login)

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