Internet goes mummified woman mental as Italians enter the ‘World’s weirdest dead woman story’ contest

Okay. Now listen. Something downright weird is going on. News stories concerning mummified women are all over the place. An earlier story concerned the mummified remains of Johannes Pope whose ‘mummified’ remains have just been discovered after two years of watching cable tv. And now, the Italians have got one.

35-year-old Mirko Sartori ‘mummified’ the remains of his 71-year-old mother, Anna Pelloni, in the north Italian town of Aqui Terme. So that he could get her pension. What a nice boy.

…the landlord stumbled upon the “house of horrors” during a routine check of the rented property near the north Italian town of Aqui Terme.
He first found the body of the 35-year-old son, Mirko Sartori, who police said was killed while working on his car.
“He (Sartori) wrote a note: ‘Mother forgive me’,” the wife of the landlord, who asked not to be identified, told Reuters on Tuesday. “They went looking for the mother, and found her in the wardrobe.”
Police suspect the son hid the body of his mother, Anna Pelloni, so that he could continue receiving her pension cheque of about 900 euros ($1,086) per month.’

Oh by the by, I mentioned something earlier on about the whole dessication or mummification thing? Well, interestingly enough Silicone Gel, the substance young Mirko here used to shrivel up Moma, is more or less the same substance that museums use (like the Silica Gel packs you find in a new box of shoes) to keep the air dry in rooms that contain fragile objects. Like Mummies. So there you go.
‘You hurt me Fredo’
We’re gonna need an entirely new ‘dead mummified woman’ category by the end of this day, but for now we have Waking the Dead.

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