Serial-killer female wrestler prayed to Death God altar


Sing along will Buffalo Belinda! 48-year-old Mexican woman Juana Barraza, also known as ‘The Little Old Lady Killer’ or ‘Mataviejitas’ has admitted to murdering several elderly ladies after being apprehended fleeing a murder scene . It appears she had just offed an 82-year-old lady by strangling her with a stethoscope in Mexico city this week, when the Law nabbed her. Yes, a stethoscope. Oh, and she had an altar to the god of Death in her flat.

Police say fingerprints link her to the murders of 10 other old women in the capital since 2000 and say she may have murdered another 30 people, most of them elderly women.
Santa Muerte is a centuries-old pagan cult which has seen a resurgence in interest in recent years and now claims some 2 million faithful in Mexico. Followers range from elite politicians to kidnappers and gangsters.

A former wrestler, Barraza was described as a ‘muscular woman with short ginger hair’ who had fought under the name ‘The Silent Lady’. So, how long before the trilogy of slasher flicks are made?
Ginger woman wrestler goes on old-lady offing spree

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