Greenpeace USA IRS audit forced by Exxon-funded Public Interest Watch

Interesting story here. I’ve known about it for a while – that a shadowy organisation, Public Interest Watch had hassled the US revenue people (IRS) into audting a number of NGOs – including Greenpeace US under accusations of money laundering.
Now, however, a Wall Street Journal article has shown that Public Interest Watch was almost entirely funded by Exxonmobil (profits last year: $36 billion). Exxonmobil has been the target of an ongoing Greenpeace campaign due to their continuing blockade of attempts to combat climate change.
Think you know how the world works? If you’re gonna read anything, read the next two links…

IRS Audited Greenpeace At Request of ExxonMobil-Funded Group: Interview with Steve Stecklow from Wall Street Journal and John Passacantando, Executive Director of Greenpeace USA.
US: Did a Group Financed by Exxon Prompt IRS to Audit Greenpeace? by Steve Stecklow, Wall Street Journal
Greenpeace take on IRS audits How Exxon funds the climate change skeptics
Greenpeace obtains smoking-gun memo: White House/Exxon link
Original Public Interest Watch claims about Greenpeace
Greenpeace’s Secret Warehouse Exposed (bizarre)
Greenpeace comeback:
“What extraordinary detective skills it must have taken to notice the mailbox with the name “Greenpeace” on the front of the building. Thanks for the giggle.”
Update: Dailykos: Exxon sockpuppet sends the IRS after Greenpeace

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