RTE in Vatican debacle over female bishop

The Vatican has lodged an official complaint with RTÉ after one of the State broadcaster’s television crews was questioned by police in Rome while filming a local actress and model dressed as a bishop close to Vatican buildings, writes Conor Lally.
The three-man crew of RTÉ1’s Would You Believe series was shooting footage for a programme on the role of women in the church. They were taken to a police station in Rome and questioned for three hours as to why their female companion was dressed as a bishop in such a religiously sensitive area.

But here’s the killer quote. Remember back in the day, when everything weird or bizarre was quoted by media pundits and man-on-the-street eyewitnesses as being “just like something out of the x-files”?
Here’s a quote from the Irish Times article:
“It’s all a bit Da Vinci Code-esque,” said one RTÉ source.
The Blather crack “Will You Please Shut Up Fucker” (WYPSU) team are currently making for Montrose, in order to hunt down and maim the inane “RTÉ” source. Holy Jesus on a tricycle…
Source: The Irish Times: Vatican directs its wrath at RTÉ over actress as the bishop
If that link doesn’t work, try here: Eircom.net: Vatican directs its wrath at RTÉ over actress as the bishop
Examiner: RTÉ attracts Vatican ire over actress in bishop’s clothes

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