The hunt for Mandela’s gun


Archaeological digs rarely begin with a set goal in mind. Despite what Indiana Jones says, X does not mark the spot and buried treasure is rarely the motivation for a dig. Except now, in the case of a dig taking place at Johannesburg, SA there is a specific end goal in sight: the recovery of Nelson Mandela’s gun.

‘The former South African president has told how he buried the weapon on the farm where he was hiding at the time. He and other ANC leaders were later arrested on the farm, and were jailed for their work against apartheid. Mr Mandela was freed in 1990. Nicholas Wolpe, head of the trust which is carrying out the search, said he was confident that the gun would be found.
“I am 90% convinced that gun has never been found,” said Mr Wolpe, the son of former ANC leader Harold Wolpe and chief executive of the Liliesleaf Trust.’


From the BBC

From the Praetoria News
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