40 year old UFO case re-opened in UK


In contrast to the last UFO story on blather, a 40 year old sighting has prompted a re-investigation. Originally seen by P.C. Colin Perks, behind Hoopers pub on Alderley Road, Wilmslow, UK records of the sighting have prompted Derrick Wood to try to gather together more information – before any potential original witnesses pass away.

‘Researchers are going through files from 1966 when the “craft” was spotted by a policeman behind Hoopers on Alderley Road.The close encounter was by PC Colin Perks who saw the image with his own eyes while on duty in the town centre.
In his report afterwards he says he was checking the back door of a shop at 4.10am on January 7. At the time he heard a “high pitched whine” and when he turned to look over the car park behind he saw “a solid looking object, stationary, some 35 feet above the grass of the meadow beyond the car park and about 100 yards from where he stood. “The upper surfaces glowed steadily with a greenish grey colour, a glow that did not hide the definite shape of the object.”’


The Wilmslow Express

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