1916 Photographs of Dublin

Westrop 1916 photographs of Dublin
As I’ve been spending some of my recent months running around the laneways and paths of the Burren, I’ve been armed with the writings of TJ Westropp, who documented something like 500 stone forts and other antiquities in the area. Now I find that he was something of a photographer to, and the RIA have now put up a web gallery of his photographs showing the devastation of Dublin during the 1916 rising.

It’s nice to see that Dublin looked like a building site 90 years ago too.
From the Royal Irish Academy:

Thomas Johnson Westropp, 1860-1922, was born at Attyflin Park, Patrickswell, county Limerick. From a very young age he displayed an intense interest in the antiquities of counties Limerick and Clare and began making notes on the topography, antiquities and folklife of areas visited during trips.

In the aftermath of the 1916 Rising Westropp undertook a photographic project, recording the state of the buildings and the streets which had seen action. He took most of the photographs on 17 and 18 May 1916 and presented them to the Academy on 13 June in a Kodak album.

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