Hot Fuzz

As regular blather readers will know, we’re big fans of Pegg and Frost. And we’ve been considerably cheered by the news that the folks that brought us Spaced and Shaun of the Dead are almost finished work on their new opus ‘Hot Fuzz’.
The movie also features a much-welcome return to the screen for Timothy Dalton. Dalton has always been, in our humble opinion, a criminally under-rated actor who has always possesed superb comic timing. Problem is he’s never gotten the scripts, or when he did (like in Hawks) it didn’t get noticed. Hopefully that’ll all change with Pegg and director/writer Edgar Wright utilising him properly. The following is the first in a series of video-blogs that they’ve released this year covering the making of the movie. For those of you unaware of who they are, well…


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