North Korea and the nuclear menace

In case you’ve all been in suspended animation over the weekend, North Korea set off a nuclear weapon early this morning, sending seismographs around the world a trembling. This has serious repercussions for all our futures, both an arms race perspective, and from an environmental point of view ( I could argue that everything is an environmental issue, but I don’t want to confuse matters).
My colleague, Brian, posted this quote from Rémi Parmentier on our Making Waves blog:

When I read that the North Korean authorities claim that their underground nuclear test has not “resulted in any leak of radiation”, what comes immediately to my mind is this photo of the venting of the US Baneberry “underground” test in the Nevada desert in 1970. Greenpeace was the first, in 1981, to leak this now iconic picture; it was Allan Thornton (from Greenpeace at the time) who put his hand on it in Washington DC. Read more: Nuclear test: what should we do? »

VOA News: South Korea, Japan Condemn North Korean Nuclear Test:

Early Monday, seismographs around the world detected a tremor in North Korea that may have been caused by an underground nuclear blast. Within hours, a North Korean broadcaster brought a triumphant announcement from Pyongyang. The announcer says the test produced no radiation leakage, because it was conducted with wisdom and scientific knowledge. She adds the historic event brings the army and the North Korean people great pleasure. North Korea says it conducted the test to improve the country’s defenses.

The Guardian: Nuclear test sparks international condemnation:

North Korea’s Central News Agency declared the test a triumph… ‘”The nuclear test is a historic event that brought happiness to our military and people,” it said. “The nuclear test will contribute to maintaining peace and stability in the Korean peninsula and surrounding region.”‘

North Korea detonates nuke, joins planet’s most dangerous club
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