The Boys from East Clare: Swastikas and Nazis in Mountshannon

Clare People: Swastika
According to the Clare People, A Nazi flag with a Swastika has been seen flying beside Lough Derg. Rumours are also rife that Co. Clare has also harbouring a project to produce a race of superhuman clones from the DNA of former Irish Taoiseach (Prime Minister), President and East Clare TD (member of parliament) Éamon de Valera. A moving picture is being compiled on the matter by civil servants at RTE called The Boys from the Co. Clare. The film shows frugal comforts and lots of dancing at the crossroads in Bodyke.

From the Clare People:

A Flag bearing the Swastika emblem which was being flown over Lough Derg is to be removed.
Angry Mountshannon locals contacted The Clare People after the flag was run up a pole at a private jetty on the lake.

He added that there was no sinister purpose behind flying the flag with the swastika symbol, which was adopted by the Nazi party as their emblem. “It was just up for ornamental purposes, really. I collected a few flags but I’ll take that one down and put something else up. I didn’t intend to upset anyone,” he said.

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Photo from the Clare People.

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