Stephen Fry woke me up this morning

No, not a startling admission of a significant ‘lifestyle change’ on my part, but rather a simple report on how a cheap piece of plastic roughly 4 inches in height has made my world a nicer place. Actually, I’ve just realised that sounds even smuttier than the post title. Anyway.
Normally, we shy away from gratuitous product placement here on Blather and as a rule, we try not to hock products (unless they’re our own of course) but in this instance we shall make an exception. The brainchild of one Simon Carr, the Stephen Fry Voco Clock is a gem – an alarm clock which awakes you with the dulcet tones of Stephen Fry, giving it his finest Jeeves. There are around sixty different sounds built in, randomly chosen when the alarm goes off. This morning I laughed myself into consciousness at the words ‘I’m terribly sorry to bother you Sir, but it appears to be morning. Most inconvenient I agree Sir…’.
There’s also a delighful ‘talk you to sleep function’ wherein the press of a button summons a 90-second mental exercise where Fry talks you to the Land of Nod. Simply glorious. My eternal thanks to miss w. tod for the kind gift. It’s made me laugh every morning since I got it.
The Stephen Fry Voco Clock

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