‘Mummified’ man found on the toilet in Putney, London

Yet another media report banging on about ‘mummified remains’ when they are nothing of the sort. But yes, I know, I’m being pedantic. From This is Local London:

‘The mummified body of an elderly man was found on the toilet in his council flat – up to a year and a half after he died, an inquest has heard.
Wandsworth Council’s system was called into question as Westminster coroner Dr Paul Knapman asked why no one noticed Kenneth Barker’s death sooner.
Police discovered the 62-year-old’s corpse, along with that of his decomposed cat, at his home in Carslake Road, Putney, in February after a neighbour reported a bad smell Mr Barker had not paid rent since October 2006, but council officials had not checked whether he was still alive.’

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