‘Ghost’ attacks increase in Kenya, closing schools

Reports of ‘Ghost’ attacks are worrying authorities in Mombasa, Kenya. From the EastStandard.net:

‘Last year, ‘ghosts’ attacked Mbaraki Primary School. Then Mombasa Mayor Sharrif Shekue rushed to the school with two goats – a black and a white, which were sacrificed in the school compound to ‘appease the spirits’.
But Muslim and Christian parents opposed this, saying only superstitious people allowed sacrifices in schools. The incident made many parents withdraw their children from the school, leading to suspension of learning for some days.
At least two to four cases of ‘ghost attacks’ that lead to indefinite closure of schools have been reported every month this year. ‘

This isn’t the first report of recent ‘ghost’ attacks on schools that we’ve heard of. In January 2006, we reported on how ‘ghost’ attacks had closed several schools in India.
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