The Return of the Bosnian Pyramid

That old Blather favourite, the Bosnian Pyramid, is back in the news. TDG have a blog post covering the latest installment in the ongoing saga which stems from the “First International Scientific Conference on the ‘Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids'” taking place from August 25th to 30th.
It seems that the conference found that there are some questions that need answering. From TDG:
‘To cut a long story short, the “Committee for Recommendation” concluded that there were important questions that should be answered about the site. This Committee had a number of archaeological heavyweights involved, including Egyptologist Dr Nabil Swelim, Dr Hassan El-Saady (historian and vice-dean of the Faculty of Arts at the Alexandria University) and Dr Mostafa El-Abbadi (historian and Founder of the modern Library in Alexandria (Bibliotheca Alexandrina)’
Read more at TDG.
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