Obama’s Bush-lite Dungeon

‘The answer came as a shock. In a brief filing in federal court last week, lawyers from Obama’s Department of Justice said they would adopt the same position taken by the George W. Bush administration – that detainees held at the Bagram air base in Afghanistan have no right to challenge their detention in U.S. courts.The U.S. government is holding more than 600 prisoners at Bagram. Some claim they are victims of “extraordinary rendition” by the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), while many more say they have been tortured and abused at the facility just outside Kabul.’
Also copied from the Bush model: ‘Obama lawyers declined to change the previous administration’s invocation of the “state secrets privilege” to attempt to prevent a federal court from ever hearing a lawsuit brought by an Ethiopian-born British resident who claims he was a victim of “extraordinary rendition.”‘
Full article: William Fisher, IPS, ‘What about Bagram?

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