Two of the Beatles Have Died

Today I opened up my postbox (in the physical world: I’m not talking about email here) and found a promo CD entitled ‘Two of the Beatles Have Died’. This is the title of a song written by a three-year-old, Olivia North. According to the press release, ‘It’s obviously written by someone who is very fond of the Beatles and who, I hope, does not yet know the full horror of death…’
The album is a collection of cover versions and remixes released to raise money for the British Lung Foundation. Among the artists involved are my old friends from London Now, and Keith Top of the Pops and his Minor UK Indie Celebrity Allstar Backing Band, which includes Sue Denim from Robots in Disguise (the only ‘minor UK indie celebrity’ I’m sure I have heard of).
You are bound to enjoy the myspace page for this compilation, featuring video of Olivia herself.

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