‘Muslim 007’ Exposes British Lies

‘British security agents sent an undercover mole dubbed the ‘Muslim 007’ to convince Al Qaeda suspect Binyam Mohamed to turn informant if he wanted his torture to end, it was claimed last night.The new allegations suggest Britain’s involvement in the ‘medieval’ treatment of the former Guantanamo Bay prisoner goes much deeper than previously thought. Ministers and MI5 have insisted they had no idea that Mohamed was the subject of an ‘extraordinary rendition’ to Morocco, nor that he was tortured there on the orders of the CIA. However, last night Mohamed told how the mole, known only as Informant A, tried to persuade him that giving intelligence to the British would end his ordeal – suggesting MI5 agents were complicit in his treatment.’
– full story at commondreams.org, 17 May 2009.
Note also that even though Miliband is no longer clinging to the false statement that the Americans would stop co-operating with British intelligence if the Brits came clean on Binyam Mohamed, he’s claiming it’s important to silence the truth anyway: ‘On Friday, Foreign Secretary David Miliband signed a new demand for a gagging order, arguing that publication of the High Court judges’ summary would cause irreparable harm to Britain’s relationship with America.’
Remember, Britain MUST do this! It HAS TO! It’s an imperative! The English rat must stay aboard the ship! The Titanic sails at dawn!

Barry Kavanagh writes fiction, and has made music, formerly with Dacianos.

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