Larry Franklin and the fake-your-own-death offer

Those who pay close attention to will remember the name Larry Franklin. He was ‘named’ by Sibel Edmonds as a corrupt Pentagon official in our ‘Black Market Nukes!’ series (see part five), and when convicted for leaking Pentagon documents to Israeli lobbyists Rosen and Weissman, he then helped the authorities in the prosecution of those two, until their case collapsed (see ‘Total Victory for the Israel Lobby’s Espionage Activities‘).
I have 2 interesting links for you.
1. Franklin has broken his silence on the Rosen-Weissman case. Up until now I had assumed that the Israelis were after info on Iran so they could provoke a war between the US and Iran, but Franklin is saying the material he released was intended to prevent a war between the US and Iraq. I am damned confused. Read ‘Israel ‘Spy Scandal’ Figure Larry Franklin Breaks Silence‘ by Jeff Stein on Spy Talk.
2. Also it has emerged that the Israelis seem to have offered him a chance to not testify against Rosen and Weissman, by faking his own death! He thought, however, that once his death was faked, they’d make it not so fake… Read ‘AIPAC Spy Figure Larry Franklin Describes Mafia-Style Murder Threat‘, also by Jeff Stein.

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