Herzog: Dazzle him with chocolate

Brilliant. A young man named Laszlo Brauning breaks into Werner Herzog’s film school.

Although I had gotten in, I soon learned that this would not be the twelve-student atelier that I had envisioned, but rather a fifty-person lecture. The weekend seminar would cost a whopping $1,450 that I didn’t have, and after raising money for my feature I had no stomach to roll out another campaign.

At this point I asked myself: What would Werner Herzog do?

Well, not only does the Rogue Film School’s syllabus include forging shooting permits, but I also heard Herzog once say he stole a 35mm camera from the Munich Film School because he “had a natural right to take it.” It seemed like he was telling me to forge my way into his film school.

Key quoted quote:
“When Klaus Kinski is foaming at the mouth, raging at you for two hours and a half, you must dazzle him by biting into the last piece of chocolate that you have.”
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