Father Ted’s House – Craggy Island Parochial House, Co. Clare

Father Ted's House, Craggy Island
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Was in county Clare at the weekend – went hunting and found Father Ted’s House (Craggy Island Parochial House), from the hit TV comedy series.

It was a pilgrimage of sorts – chasing down the highways and byways in a very lapsed-Catholic kinda way. Nice house, but you’d think it would be taller. Turns out its on a windy backroad in the Burren, between Killnaboy and Boston both of are only a arse’s roar from Kilfenora. We took turns posing stupidly in front of the house, dodgy the odd farmer hurtling buy in clapped-out Talbot Solaras, and trying to stop my sisters dog from fraternising with the pack of friendly dogs that came hurtling down the driveway. So no, Craggy Island Parochial House isn’t on an island (apart from being in Ireland), and doesn’t have a statue of ‘herself’ at the gate. Oh god, no, not at all…
No sign of the late Dermot Morgan, or the not late at all Ardal O’Hanlon, Pauline McGlynn or Frank Kelly. I forgot my clerical shirt, Sue, my sister, forgot her teapot, Damien omitted to bring any whiskey, so our plans to emulate Dougal, Mrs Doyle or Father Jack went by the wayside!
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  1. Hi,
    I am a big fan of Fr. Ted and I would love to actually find where the craggy Island parochial house is. Some one said it was in Clare? Can you let me know?

  2. I am from Ireland i live in Belfast i know where the house is also the island (craggy island) is inisheer the smallest of the aran island of the west coast of galway bay the house is in Clare it is ..The real Craggy Island seen from helicopter shots is Inisheer. The actual parochial house used in the series is on the mainland in County Clare, near Lisdoonvarna. Drive south-east from Lisdoonvarna to Kilfenora and follow the road onwards to the tiny town of Kilnaboy. Once in the town, look for the left turn for the school (it’s the only junction in town). Follow this road for a couple of miles. It is a very narrow secluded road, but all of a sudden you will emerge from the greenery to the sight of the Parochial House (in real life McCormack’s at Glenquin). If u need any more info let me know
    The ship wreck is called the plassy it was run aground in a storm in the 60s the locals saved everyone. the ship got into shit at sea and the men got rescuied but the boat floated there for almost a year uncontrolled then was beached by a huge wave ina storm in the 60s, I have been in the boat 2 times. i have puic if u want them email me

  3. This map might also help you…
    taking the R476 from Lisdoonvarna to Kilfenora and follow this R476 onto Killinaboy. Be careful as this place is very small. The school is your landmark on the left from Kilfebora, take a left right at the school.
    Be warned as this road gets very isolated, its seems to go on forever but keep going you will get there [eventually].
    Thanks Dave for your description it helped alot.

  4. I think possibly as many as four miles from Kilnaboy village.
    Turning is opposite the Kilnaboy village post box.
    Be patient, just when you think you have gone the wrong way, you come across the house. The road seems to go for ever, it is very much a country lane.

  5. Thanks these were all good directions. It is a bit harder coming from the North East like we did. We were returning from the Arran island ferry and decided to come down to find the house on the R460 from Gort. If you do this and have the time I recommend taking the Boston turn off which is well sign posted and driving down that way as there are some really interesting rock formations around there too and some ruins, plus it is less likely you will get lost in the back roads like we did! If you are in a hurry like we were then keep going down the R460, past the Boston turn off on the right till you pass a turn off to a holistic centre – take the next right after that and go along till you connect up with the Boston – Kilnaboy road and turn left. Fr Ted’s house will be on your right eventually. By the way as at May 2008 the inhabitants of the house have lots of cars parked out front, a crazy dog that chases cars and a note on the gate saying “5 Euro per photo, please leave in tip jar” and a jar to put the money in. Fecking cheek of it!

  6. Can someone just put GPS Coordinates for this place – i.e. from googlemaps? That would be much much more easier for such fecking traveller-lame as me. THANKS!!

  7. I was in co clare recently and i was mad to find the house.Iread this and i went to find it with my family.We found it and i was delighted thanks

  8. We have just returned back from Co Claire – we eventually found the house partly by chance. Would have loved to have posed for some photos outside but there were people going in and out of the house and a few cars parked outside. It looked liked they lived there? Anyone know for sure?

  9. Wow, This is so cool. Can someone give me a complete street address so I can try and bring it up in Google Earth and Google Map’s. I wonder if there is a Street view of it yet in 3d on Google Map’s. IF now we should all write into Google and get them to do it.

  10. Just a quick update for anyone interested in visiting Father Ted’s house. It is owned, and has been owned for over 20 years, by a nice American woman from New York state who is now an Irish citizen. She now opens up the house for Tea after 2pm on many days. There are flyers around northern Clare promoting this. We saw one in Kinvara but I know there is also one at the Alwee Caves visitor center.
    It was a great experience. I even got to take a photo of me in the open door with Bishop Brennon’s actual hat. Fantastic.
    Of course, for those who don’t already know, the interior sceans were not shot at the house but rather on a soundstage in London…so don’t expect to be able to sit in Father Jack’s chair like another couple visiting did. Cheers!

  11. Thanks for the great directions! Me and my Girlfriend visited the house on Monday. It was so cool! One of the people that lived there drove in as we were taking photos and didnt seem to mind. Just laughed. There wasnt a any signs saying 5 euro a photo. Just a little jar saying feck, arese, girls and drink. I popped a couple euro in as a token gesture. We just punched in Glenquin to the satnav and it took us to the house.

  12. google earth co-ordinates are 53° 00′ 37.87″ N, 9° 01′ 56.01″ W (Copy & Paste)

  13. I was on this site some time ago and was recently in ireland and went looking for the house. I was staying in Limerick so it was quite a treck for us but totally worth it. Your directions were spot on. We took photos and nearly got savaged by the 6 dogs which came hurtling towards us but would definatly recomend that any fan of Father Ted visits this house.

  14. hay!! 🙂
    i had the privelage 2 go and c it in the summer.. i got a picture outside the gate. my cousins boyfreind brought me to see it as he only lives 5 minutes away and i was pestering him all week to see it. 🙂

  15. Is there a way I could get here by bicycle? I’m planning on staying in Lisdoonvarna and since I don’t have a car I’d love to see if I can cycle down here. According to google maps it is only about 26km from where I am staying. Any help would be much appreciated–thanks!!

  16. Can I just correct some information. You stated “No sign of the late Dermot Morgan, or the not late Ardal O’Hanlon” You do know its Dermot Morgan that died and not Ardal O’Hanlon!!

  17. Raicheal – I said the NOT late Ardal O’Hanlon. As far as I know, he’s alive and well!

  18. Feckity Feck Feck! I’m off tommorrow! We leave at 6am from the North to drive to Moher do a tour and try to catch the house on the way up to Connemara where we are staying! Its a fantastic way to end our honeymoon!

  19. apiece of history and can be added to so many lovelyplaces in the famous burren.i was born 2 klms from glenquin

  20. I went and tracked down the house today. Travelling down from Galway, it took abit longer than expected as there was road works and a few detours. Pretty easy to find once you get to Kilnaboy, turn right coming from Corofin and go past on the school and keep driving. Cant miss it. I drove straight in, knocked on the door, no-one home but a friendly dog wanting to play fetch with a stick. I didn’t see any jar for tips etc. I did see a photo on the net with a jar sitting on the rock fence out the front but I probably missed that as I just drove straight in. Well worth the drive!!

  21. I have found lots of maps and useful google info to get me to ‘Teds House’ as i plan a trip with the main intention of having a few photos outside the place but have a few questions that i hope could be answered by you lovely people.
    Im coming over from england but wanted to know where to fly into and where is a good place to stay thats close enough to make the trek? I wont be driving while im out there so wondered if B&Bs are easy to get to by taxi etc from airport?
    Sorry if these questions are rediculous,
    Many thanks and much love x

  22. You can have tea in the house too. If you are there, head down to Doolin and go into the little chocolate shop (Even just go for the chocolate). Anyway, the folks there live in the house and , if you arrange it, you can go for tea there.
    The day we went into the shop to ask about it, the new Parish Priest came in to introduce himself and grab some chocs……

  23. My sister Mary and I went for tea and scones on 18/9/2010. The scones and Brownies and chocolate chip buns were cooked on the day and the tea was very nice. A lovely family with 5 kids live there and have done for 24 years. we were joined by 2 other couples from county down who were visiting Listoonvarna. It was great to take the few photos both inside and outside this very famous house. We never found the Holy stone though. Anyone know where that is ???

  24. me and the we family r going 2drive to it tomorrow I can’t wait 2c it it will be fecking great.. Glad I found your page

  25. does anyone know the nearest airport i can get to from the south east. really want to go and see the house

  26. well was stayin in ennistymon wit the missus and the kids for family break
    decided to go on a hunt for the father ted house..
    we googled it and got mix direcions so set ourselves up for long journey till i decided to ask our hotel receptionist ..
    she gave us the directions which led us straight to the house.of course we took few pictures but didn relise till aferwards that u can actually book afternoon tea there would.
    worth taken a drive out to not as hard to find.there was no dogs to be seen eiher only few hens!

  27. Hi i live in dublin an im dying to go down a see the father ted house ages now im gona try it in the next few weeks but im totally lost wer to go from dublin ….would you b able to direct me an is ther a number i cud ring to book to go in the house to few if possible ..!!

  28. I’m staying just outside Dublin for the next week or so, if you’d be interested I was hoping to make a trip to the house, and have a spare seat in the car, so if you haven’t already been, I would happily give you a lift. Frankly I’d be glad of the company.
    Just thought I’d put that offer out there..
    And I am gone.

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