Oktober 16, 2005



There is no major exposition in this week's entry. I've been in seclusion, practising for the upcoming live music performances I'll be doing in Oslo and Trondheim. I hired out some practise space in the (surely world-famous?) Brugata collective.

I am using the room normally occupied by ambient/noise musician Kai Mikalsen. At night, the room is also being used as sleeping quarters for the girls from the Japanese band Afrirampo, who are touring Norway at the moment.

There's not much else to report about this scenario. I spend my time playing songs. But there is one interesting thing I discovered. There are shelves of CDs, my eye picked out the box set of the music of Deathprod, and let me quote from the accompanying booklet:

"Physicists tell us that the human ear can detect frequencies between 20 and 20,000 vibrations per second. The lower the frequency, the deeper the sounds we experience. Our sense of hearing is active across ten octaves. The human retina, on the other hand, responds to frequencies between 430 and 750 billion vibrations per second. We see the equivalent of less than one octave. The spectrum of the ear is far broader than the dynamic range of physical vision. Sound has correspondingly greater capacity to expand our sense of being beyond what declares itself to the eye."

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