Mai 9, 2008

I Like What You've Done With The Place

radionova clashansen.jpg

Since the last blog things have ticked along nicely but I've been unsure about what to blog about. I've stayed at home and we've been hosting a number of "cultural events", as we tend to do. Here are some pictures, each one enlargeable by clicking. This first pic shows the exhibition of Clas Hansen alongside the banner for a live radio broadcast that Radio Nova did from our bar on 10 April.

siv bugge vatne.jpg

17 April. The Siv Bugge Vatne exhibition began. She created collages from the background details of old comic books. There is one of clouds, one of suns, one of flames etc. This is the best one: a collage of waves.


1 May. We opened our back yard to the public. From now on, you can join us for a drink out here.

blevin blectum.jpg

8 May. American musician Blevin Blectum stayed with us and performed her electronic music and video set.

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