Juli 13, 2008

One in Four

Recently Aftenposten reported that new statistics show that one in four people living in Oslo is a foreign immigrant, i.e. non-Norwegian, i.e. like me. The breakdown goes like this:

Year: 1998. Population of Oslo: 499,693. No. of immigrants: 85,550. Percentage: 17.

Year: 2008. Population of Oslo: 560,484. No. of immigrants: 137,878. Percentage: 24.5.

So what does this mean for "us" and for "them" ?

1. If all the immigrants went on strike, Oslo would not be able to function. Obviously immigrants make up a significant part of the workforce, especially doing the jobs that Norwegians wouldn't do.

2. If all the immigrants went on strike, there'd be no-one to tell the Norwegians what to do, because we're all over-qualified for our jobs.

3. The issue of institutional racism will come more into focus. Foreigners' job applications tend to get rejected because of their "foreign-looking" (particularly "Arabic-looking") names. So it's quite hard to get a job you're qualified for!

4. As immigrants interbreed with the Norwegians, beautiful, exotic-looking children will be born.

5. The future is beautiful and exotic.

6. Perhaps Oslo people's tendency to vote for obnoxious right-wing political parties like the FrP will become untenable. Remember: beautiful and exotic, not bad driving, silly hair and fascism.

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Posted by barry at Juli 13, 2008 2:35 FM

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