Juli 11, 2008

Recent Art

Hilmar Fredrikson 2 sm.jpg

I've been looking through my uploaded photos of recent art exhibitions and music shows we've put on. There's a lot missing (sorry Jens Hamran, sorry Somadrone) but here's some pics that weren't lost. First off, the Hilmar Fredriksen exhibition. He projected a pretty cool film onto the bar, and you can see a frame from it, with our barman Martin underneath looking, er, arty. Click to enlarge.

He also filled the other walls with framed pictures, thematically linked to the film.

Hilmar Fredrikson 1.jpg
(Le clique = L'enlargement.)

At the moment, we have 8 massive self-portraits by Jørgen Emanuel Enger, a young photographer and former "street kid".

(Die Klikk ist Das Enlargement.)

And recently we had an award-winning performance artist, Chris Erichsen, who was suitably mad. You can just about see him behind the veil-like curtain, with masked terrorists projected onto it. This picture actually looks vaguer when enlarged, so I won't provide you with that option...

Chris Erichsen 2.jpg

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