Beckham and #23

Why did Becks choose 23?

Beckham’s #23 dream

Press Association

Wednesday July 2, 2003

David Beckham admitted the completion of his move to Real Madrid was the realisation of a dream.

The England captain was unveiled by the Spanish giants this morning and was given the number 23 shirt by Real legend Alfredo di Stefano.

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Why did Becks choose 23?

Guardian Unlimited staff and agencies

Wednesday July 2, 2003

1) NBA legend Michael Jordan – one of Beckham’s sporting heroes – wore the No23 while at the Chicago Bulls.

2) In the Qabalistic Tree of Life, the 23rd path is associated with the Hanged Man Tarot Card – a reference to how Beckham was treated by Sir Alex Ferguson, perhaps?

3) In the I Ching Hexagram 23 means “Break Apart”. Insert your own Manchester United reference here …

4) Psalm 23: “The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want …” By far the most requested hymn at funerals.

5) Is there a mathematical link? 23 is the first prime number in which both digits are prime numbers and add up to another prime number.

6) Perhaps there’s some new age link? The human biorhythm cycle is, apparently, 23 days.

7) The 23rd axiom of L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of scientology, is: “All thought is concerned with motion.”

8) David and Victoria Beckham = 23 letters

Romeo and Brooklyn Beckham = 23 letters

Manchester Utd Real Madrid = 23 letters. Yes.

9) Is Beckham a literature fan? William Butler Yeats won the Nobel Prize for literature in 1923.

10) Or simply, after offered the choice between No4 and No23 – the only numbers at the club which were free – Beckham choose the later.

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  1. real has 4 letters
    madrid has 6
    half of 4 is 2, half of 6 is 3, 2 and 3, coincidence?

  2. You guys arent going to believe this. I just found out about the movie “The number 23” and watched the trailer online and by then I was very curious as to what the movie was really about. I have been ready about the number and thought I’d try to find something that might come close to that number. Well check this out, my birthday is October 2nd, 1971. I did the math: 10-02-1971 as equated like this: 10 / 2 = 5, 5 + 1 + 9 + 7 + 1 = 23. This shit is kind of spooky.

  3. Last Night I sat down on my computer to watch a trailer for a film called Translvania by Tony Gatliff and the lead actor is an italian called Asia Argento, who has the number 23 tattooed on her back- it was her who set this thing off in my head. I had no idea what it meant. I sat down to watch TV last night and turned it on at 23:23!I went to bed a little freaked out and then realised… My name is Toby Cann, the first two letters of my name are 20 + 3 in sequential order in the alphabet. Furthermore I was born on the 18th May, 18 + 5 = 23. I’m hooked.

  4. Well back in grade 5 (3 years ago) me and my friend realized that weird/bad/life changing things would always happen to us on the twenty third. Then I had a dream in grade 6 that something extreme would happen on February 23rd sometime in the near future. After that I had pretty much forgotten about the “23” incidents, although i did almost cut my finger off on the twenty third, broke my arm, etc. Then, yesterday I saw a poster for ‘the number 23’. I became very scared/intruiged so I looked into it further. Sure enough I found out about all this weird stuff that is happening… and it so happens that the movie comes out on feburary 23rd, just like my dream said. This stuff is starting to really freak me out.

  5. The speed at which an object falls is 9.14 meters per second, 9+14 is 23,23 days before I saw the trailer for the movie.I got hit by a car and broke my arm, I was send to the hospital in an ambulance, that tag was 23W-1112,W is the 23rd letter in the alphabet,11+12 is 23. I was born on 11/12/1985,my mom was born on 11/12/1971,my sister was born on 2/3/1996. My house# is 2323. The last 4 digits of my cell phone number are 2332.I could go on and on, the # 23 actually defines many more things that alot of what they list on the internet.The biggest thing about the number 23, is that every 23 seconds, on 23 places across the world over 23 minutes within every 23rd hour, of every 23rd date in every 23rd month, for every 23rd person, there is a 23rd enigma, I must have stayed awake for hours, I did maybe 135 hours of constant research and found for every 23rd enigma you come up with, 23 seconds pass on every 23rd month, to the date that you would have thought of it, 23 minutes, and 23 hours pass befor another 23 more people come up with 23 more enigmas. If anyone doubts what I’m saying simply do the math. All you have to do is get a count of all the people in the county you live in, after that take how many people live in you state, then the country, then the north hem, then the south, then the total population. Add them all up you get. Trust me, I don’t have to tell you.

  6. Check this out… This 23 has been follwing me for a looooong time… My second last girlfriend, we met on Dec 23rd. THe last one, was born on JUne 23rd. The actual and most important one was 23 when we met, and she was born on Sep 23rd. My dad was born on August 15 (15+8)=23…. and lots and lots of more spooky examples. WHen I watched the movie… I looked at my watch, right at the end of it, and it was 23:23:23s. Can you explain it?

  7. While you met your second last girlfriend on 23rd, but she wasn’t 23 and she wasn’t born on the 23rd.
    Your last girlfriend was born on 23rd, but she wasn’t 23 and you didn’t meet her on the 23rd.
    The most important one was 23 and was born on 23rd, but you didn’t meet her on the 23rd.
    The dates of your father’s birth add up to 23, but yours don’t and your mother’s don’t, and none of your three girlfriends’ do..
    When I finished typing this, it was 15:28. 15+28 = 43.
    QED There are a lot of more ‘significant’ numbers in your life than 23. Can you explain that?

  8. i,ve been wathing the cayle story on t.v.. i saw the house number were the mom lived it is 4937 i don’t know what the name of the street is but the number adds to 23

  9. I’ve been watching the cayle Anthony story on t.v. and they show the house. and the number on the house 4937 street don’t know it.but 4937 is apt is 6 the apt right behind me is 23.every time i look the clock,watch anything there is a 23 on it.maybe its just me hell it that damm movie.

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