Hamlet, at the Town Hall Theatre, Galway

The cast of HamletBlather correspondent Sue plays Ophelia in a new production of Bill Shakepeare’s Hamlet

In Galway in January? Sue is Ophelia in a new interpretation of Morwax’s production of Hamlet at the Town Hall Theatre. Set in the 1930s, and directed by Peadar de Burca, the cast includes John Leyne as Hamlet, with John E. Regan, Rose Flynn, Sue Walsh, Danny Cronin and John Tuohy.
It’s on from the 24th to the 29th of January, tickets cost €16/€14
Tickets from the Town Hall Theatre »
I do not know, my lord, what I should think. – Ophelia
The cast of Hamlet

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  1. no…not dead…..just wooden like most Morwax performers…….
    So, what did everyone think of “Carry On Hamlet ”

  2. sorry. i can’t disagree more.
    i saw the production and enjoyed it enormously. the crew and cast made the most of a small budget, unwieldy script and small theatre to make a usually unbearable play bearable.
    special kudos go to sue, the gravedigger and Claudius. Superb performances, clever direction and inventive set design.

  3. What an exceedingly good performance, you really put the “ham” into “ham”let! well done on that handsome young soul who played horatio, what lovely langurious locks and very attractive,never cut your hair, you would risk looking like that aging popster prince! kudos again beautiful costumes
    xoxox Mary

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