Dave on Greenpeace Anti-Whaling Expedition to Southern Ocean

Yep, that’s right. I’m back on board the Greenpeace ship Esperanza again, currently in the middle the of icefields of the Antarctic. We’re here to track down and confront the Japanese whaling fleet, which, under claims of “scientific whaling” plans to kill 945 whales in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary, then sell the meat commercially. Clever but unsavoury.

So, while we’re here, we’re going to see a lof of beauty – and a lot of horror. You can follow the expedition here, on the Ocean Defenders expedition weblog »
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Humpback whale photo © Dave Walsh
UPDATE 18/02/2006:
Esperanza arrives at site of stricken whaling vessel »

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  1. Eh when ya find tha Japs radio the position to the Seashepherd boys, theres $25K in it for ya apparently 🙂

  2. Question: some of the photos on the Esperanza Flickr account happen to be awesome. I’d like to use one (or two) to illustrate some post on my blog. Unfortunately they all have this “© All rights reserved.” tag. Is it ok to steal them for propaganda purposes? 🙂

  3. Dave – just found your stuff on the chinese ghost ships off Guinea. I’m working on illegal fisheries in central africa and recognise this style of ship from our missions. If you have a list of the names of the vessels in the ghost fleet, I could check if any have come from Gabon and maybe find the original fishing company, even if they have subsequently been sold on. Just a thought. Please get in touch..

  4. My personal opinion is………………….. STOP WHALING NOW!!!!!!!!!!
    It is so not fair to those whales. God made them be free creatures that swim, not creatures thet get caught and get eaten.

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