Ghost of French dwarf terrorises South Carolina


Finally, something that goes bump in the night. They may tell us that Ufology is dead, but it would appear that a good ghost story always has legs. Ok, so this ones’ legs are slightly shorter than normal, but a cracking good yearn it still remains.

“Beaufort resident Dee Hryharrow was a much younger woman in the 1940s, when she first came in contact with another Lowcountry denizen who had been around for nearly 400 years — and dead for nearly as long.
Hryharrow was staying in The Castle, a picturesque, 19th-century home on Craven Street in The Point that was owned by her parents and other relatives before that. The ghost of a long-dead French dwarf jester named Gauche also is said to live there, and today, six decades later, Hryharrow said she is still unsure if the diminutive ghoul made himself apparent to her in a moment of trickery.”
French dwarf jester haunts house

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