It puts the lotion in the basket!


An ingeniously clever idea: take a famous line from a famous movie, write a song using that line and use the original footage of the movie to make a video for the song….

“The night is very cold I’m feeling kind of weak
I think I’ll make myself a cap from your right buttocks cheek
And then I will go walking with my little dog
And then I’ll bury you underneath a log…
It rubs the lotion on it’s skin
Or it gets the hose again.
Put the lotion in the basket
Bitch put the lotion in the fucking basket!”
Aside from the obvious laughs here, this is a shockingly catchy song. Total genius!

Damien DeBarra was born in the late 20th century and grew up in Dublin, Ireland. He now lives in London, England where he shares a house with four laptops, three bikes and a large collection of chairs.


  1. Unbelievable. My mates and I formed a band only four weeks ago, and totally 100% unrelated to this, we wrote a song based on lyrics from Silence of the Lambs and The Running Man (yes, random!). The song was called “It Puts the Lotion in the Basket Case”

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