Surprise: Naples Miracle a Fake!

For centuries the faithful have gathered in their thousands to watch one of Christianity’s most enduring mysteries. But yesterday they were told that the “miracle of the blood” was an elaborate hoax.

This is an elaborate ritual defining the future of Naples – where the phial of dried blood of San Gennaro, the city’s patron saint, is supposed to magically liquify, and bring good fortune. Now Margherita Hack, an astrophysicist, has said “There is nothing mystical about this. You can make the so-called blood in your kitchen at home”, and that the phial contained nothing more than a medieval iron compound.
Unsurprisingly, there’s blood boiling in Naples…
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  1. Aww come on now Dave. We all know the de-bunking can’t be true. I mean it’s the church – they would never lie to us now would they? 😀

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