Squirrels on Crack

NATURE lovers fear that squirrels could become hooked on crack cocaine plundered from addicts’ hidden stashes. The furry animals are thought to be behind a new drugs turf war in Brixton – stealing rocks of crack hidden in front gardens.

“An hour earlier I’d seen a squirrel wandering round the garden, digging in the flowerbeds. It looked like it knew what it was looking for. It was ill-looking and its eyes looked bloodshot but it kept on desperately digging. It was almost as if it was trying to find hidden crack rocks.”
Photo: Dave Walsh Copyright 2005
Why am I not surprised? The squirrels here in Islington are ferocious – one ran towards me a couple days ago, and sat on my boot. I’m surprised he didn’t go through my pockets. I’m now expecting to be mugged by one. The photo on the right was taken yesterday in Islington. It’s not cropped, and it’s taken with a wide angle lens! I thing the little fecker was contemplating the taste of my ear.
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UPDATE 10/10/05: The Urban Legend angle…
On Brixton Hill, Bim is not surprised by the spectre of the Brixton crack squirrel. “I’ve only been released from prison today but I’ve heard about the squirrels. They are scoffing all the crack, more stoned than me. Have you ever seen cats with hash? Cats always go for hash.”
The Guardian: South London squirrels after different kind of stash

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  1. i have left crack in my house before going to sell it and i went to get it and there were two red squirrels sat on my chair smoking crack joints and drinking budwizer when i told them to leave one of them hit me over the head and the other one spat on me so i think we should all stop feeding the squirrels crak

  2. WTF??!! if you people have that much crack laying around so that the squirrels have enough to get addicted, then you were’nt a good crack head to begin with. i say let the little rotters eat the bloody crack already and leave us to be sober.

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