It’s behind you !

A pantomime rehersal in London was interrupted recently by an unusual member of the audience. The ghost of a fireman is supposed to haunt the theatre and it appears that he was watching the performance…

“We were rehearsing the ‘it’s behind you’ scene,” said director Stuart Draper.
“It is the usual panto thing – a ghost creeps up on one of the characters and the audience shouts out to warn them.
“We all shouted out ‘it’s behind you’ and we clearly heard a well-spoken voice from the flyloft echo our calls. It was very weird.”
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Still, it could be worse. When Panto actors in Dublin hear “It’s behind you!” being yelled by little children (probably high on HB Maxi Twists) a ghost standing behind them is the least of their worries. They might turn around and find themselves face to face with Twink!