Does my bum look big in this?

Long ignored by the scientific community, this important concern of the modern woman is about to finally undergo study. Does a particular item of clothing cause ones derriere to look deceptively larger? As boyfriends are not a reliable source, or God help us ourselves, the scientific ones are going to put it all straight. Or curved of course…

The study, which is being conducted by the Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, hopes to attract a government grant to cover costs. Female volunteers of different sizes will be photographed wearing various garments, and then assessed on criteria such as ‘do pockets on trousers make your bottom look bigger?’
Dr Macintyre, 33, who is leading the research, said: “There’s much discussion in the media of clothing styles that flatter the body and it’s generally accepted that enhancing body perception can improve confidence and self-esteem.
“But the factors behind this have never been fully investigated in a proper, scientific manner.”
She added: “Designers and consumers don’t currently have access to established information that could enable them to make or choose garments that enhance body size and shape.
“This study will provide, for the first time, detailed and usable information that would enable designers to make the clothes that help women make the most of their natural assets

However criticism for the study comes from John Davidson, a Scottish fashion expert, who says “…it is absolutely ludicrous to invest £200,00 in an academic project as it’s very obvious what suits people- it’s not rocket science”.
Seat of learning tackles fashion’s biggest question